3 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Is Smelling Nasty

Can you recall your friend coming to your home, ask to use the washroom, and got stuck from the gross smell coming out of the otherwise tidy and disinfected area. We can understand the unpleasant feeling and the plethora that accompanies it. But you must know that a bathroom develops several ranges of foul smells one time or another and not every foul odor needs to be fixed. Usually, people would use air fresheners or light candles to snub the smell, which will, in fact, corks the indoor quality of air. When you have a proper ventilation system installed in your bathroom and home, such reeks would go away in no time. So next time, to avoid any such embarrassing situation, you must know the reasons that cause your washroom to smell nasty. So, we are here with 3 reasons by the drain unblocking Perth specialist for why your bathroom has a foul smell and how it can be dealt with effectively. Let’s have a look.

Dry Drains

In modern wet rooms are designed with a round and middle chrome grate within the tiled floor for the floor and shower waste. A water seal is attached at the bottom of it to block the emission of sewer gases from the grate. A running washroom is highly unlikely to have a dry floor or shower waste, but in case of not in active use, the waste may dry and cause a horrid sewer smell in the place. The same is with the water seal, which can trap the waste and hair, and body fluids and emit an unbearable smell. To clean this sludge and waste from the bottom, you can use baking soda and hot water.

Cracked Toilet Bolts Or Flange

When you feel your toilet rocking and clogging, that means its flange or bolts have damaged or broken. Due to the cracked flange, it cannot perform its function duly, i.e. to create a water and air-tight calk between the drainage and the toilet. This results in water pooling at the bottom of the toilet and eventually the foul odor. To fix this, you may start with tightening the bolts and reseal the toilet wax rings with the waste pipe.

Tidy Up the Sink

It’s not always the toilet that causes the odor, sometimes it could be a stinky basin. The clogged debris on the pipe encourages anaerobic bacteria to create mildew and grime in no time around sludges and sewage. The outlet of water in sinks is more prone to building up bacteria. The quick remedy is to clean the sink with chlorine bleach to eliminate the presence of bacteria.


Recent studies have shown that the hydrogen sulfide in sewer odor can have a depressant effect on the brain. Therefore, any foul smell in your bathroom can create a cheerless atmosphere in your house. Although there are many DIY tips that can help reduce the sewer odor, if you want hassle-free and hands-on operations, the block drain specialists are just one call away.