Best Ways To Unclog Your Drain

It is important to consider what you should do if your kitchen or bathroom sink drain becomes clogged. You can do things on your own, but if you do not have the professional knowledge about drain blockage, you make things worse. You have to find the information to know what to do and not to do when your drain clogs up. There are things you have to consider, and you do not always have to hire professional plumbers.

Harsh chemical cleaners and household tools

TV commercials make it look easy to use chemical cleaners for drain unblocking, where all you need to do is pour this miracle cleaner down your drain, and your problems are over. However, in reality, these cleaners are very strong, and things can go very wrong.

Two things can happen: you use too much of a professional chemical cleaner or one that is too harsh, and in the end, it can get through the gunk clogging your drain but can also eat through your drain. In other words, it can cause corrosion to your pipes or otherwise damage them. Another thing that can occur is that the chemical cleaner eats through only some of the blockage, leaving a hole that makes you think the damage has been repaired. Eventually, that little opening will once again clog up, and you’ll be back to the same problem having a clogged drain.

Another option people consider when their drains get clogged up is to force something into the drain to unclog it. Do not attempt to do this since any homemade type of tool can break and wind up further damaging the pipe or getting stuck in the pipe. You might even consider using a professional tool to help, but if you do not know how to use them properly, you can just further mash together the gunk in your pipes and form a clog plug. The best thing you can do to keep your drains clear is to pour an environmentally protective drain cleaner into your drains once a month. This will get rid of the plaque that lines the pipes and will prevent the drain from clogging.

When corrosion or damage has occurred

If you have a house with old pipes, they can corrode or collect sediment inside them. If you have previously tried to put a snake down your drains or have used an auger improperly you could have damaged the inside of your pipes or jammed a clog further down the pipes. If your drain clogs up and some attempts with a plunger won’t unclog the drain, try a flexible snake down the drain. However, if you are not sure about what to do, do not attempt to use any professional-grade plumbing equipment that is available at hardware stores because you can further damage your pipes, 

Some of the things you can try to do are to pour hot water down your drain and some dish detergent, both of which can break up the clog. You can also take your plunger and begin to plunge, making sure the plunger adheres to the rim of the drain. Once there seems to be some kind of give to the clog, take a plumber’s snake and see if you can get out the rest of the clog. In this way, you won’t be damaging the pipes. If all of your attempts fail, it is time to consider looking for a professional plumbing company for blocked drain brisbane.